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Sixth Engagement in Battle

Sixth Engagement in Battle

Second Danghangpo Battle (March 4~5, 1594)

Joseon Fleet Japanese fleet
Commander Commander of Three-province Navy, Admiral Yi Sun-sin Unknown
Force 30 panokseons Unknown
Casualty and
None Destroyed 30 ships

Danghangpo After being reported by the scouting ship that the Japanese fleet was heading toward Oriryang, Yi Sun-sin moved his fleet to move to Jeungdo.
The Admiral divided the fleet into two units. While Eo Young-dam led the first division with approximately 30 ships to attack 30 Japanese battle ships, the division of Admiral Yi Sun-sin kept the Jeungdo Sea.
The division of Eo Young-dam sank 30 Japanese battle ship in the sea of Danghangpo. The Admiral arrived to the main quarter on May 7.