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Ninth Engagement in Battle

Ninth Engagement in Battle

Noryang Battle (November 19, 1598)

Joseon Fleet Japanese fleet
Commander Jin Lin of Ming Dynasty, Commander of Three-province Navy, Yi Sun-sin Gonisi Yukinaga, Simazu Yoshihiro, Dachinaba Munesige, Derajawa Masanari, Takahashi Munemas
Force Approximately 400 main quarters of naval force of Ming and approximately 80 battle ships of Joseon naval force Approximately 500 battle ships
Casualty and
Admiral Yi Sun-sin died, 10 military officers of Joseon naval forces died and other casualties unknown.

After the Myeongryang Battle, the Japan retreated far distance away from the main naval quarter of Admiral Yi Sun-sin in Woongcheon. Admiral Yi Sun-sin gathered naval force, battle ships, military supplies, and weapons to move the main naval quarter to the east. On February 17, 1958, the Admiral established the commanding headquarter in Gogeumdo to protect the sea from the Gonisi Ukinaga Command and rebuild the naval force. After establishing the commanding headquarter in Gogeumdo, the Admiral was able to obtain the military supply in food for the next battle since Gogeumdo had many plane area for people were able to farm in the area. After the great victory of the Myeongryang Battle, numerous refugees of war came to this island. The Admiral was able to re-organize the navy with them. According to Jingbirok, Admiral Yi Sun-sin trained some 8,000 refugees and he had his share of concerns for military supplies and food.

The battle in Noryang

The fleet of Ming Dynasty joined the fleet of Yi Sun-sin on July 16. Thereafter, the Joseon-Ming United Forces had numerous large and small battles together. After the death of Toyotomi on August 18, the Japanese royal court ordered the Japanese force in Joseon to retreat by November. Gonisi Ukinaga attempted to retreat, but he was caught on the gateway by the Joseon-Ming United Forces and could not escape. Then, Gonisi Yukinaga tried to bribe Jin Lin and sent his ships to other camps of the Japanese forces. The generals under Yi Sun-sin knew of the fact and informed the same to the Admiral. The Admiral held the meeting with his generals and determined to march into Noryang. On November 18, the Fleet of Yi Sun-sin went on to the sea of Noryang to wait for the fleet of Simazu that came to the area in response to the request of Gonisi Ukinaga. The fleet of Jin Lin could not come to the terms with Gonisi Yukinaga that it joined with the Fleet of Yi Sun-sin to fight.

At that time, the wind was blowing northwest and the Joseon-Ming United Forces was able to enjoy the advantages. The Joseon-Ming United Forces attacked the Japan with the canons on the ship. Soon, the Japanese battle ships caught the fire and attempted to retreat. While retreating, the Japan was surrounded in the port. The Japanese forces had fiercely fought to escape the port. In the middle of the battle, Admiral Yi Sun-sin died from the gun shot wound with his son, Yi Hoe looking on. The Admiral left one of his great remarks before his death in "Do not let my death be known."